Our Patents

After decades of acquiring numerous domestic and international patents, the spirit of innovation continues at Desert Extrusion.

Our Patents

When Desert Extrusion was founded in 1990, we had one objective in mind - provide quality, value and service for our customers. Trimmer line had remained essentially unchanged since the mid 1970's.

Packaging of commercial products was plain, with generic white labels indicating only product type and size. Buyers only had two choices: round and a star-shaped line that was undersized in mass. With Desert Extrusion leading the way, this has changed.

Our R&D program has led to unique, proprietary formulations that have revolutionized the trimmer line market in the outdoor power equipment industry. Through the years, Desert Extrusion has been an industry leader in the evolution of innovative competitively-priced trimmer line that performs better and lasts longer.

Desert Extrusion has obtained numerous domestic and international patents, each dedicated to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of trimming for the end user. Here are some milestones:

1995 - Shaped Trimmer Line with Controlled Drag (Scorpion). The first commercial grade, full mass, shaped trimmer line, offering aerodynamically controlled placement of the cutting edge.

1999 - Process and Package for Pre-conditioned trimmer line. The first conditioning process that offers consistency in commercial line. Line life is increased up to 4X.

2000 - Fixed Line Trimmer Head. The Desert WindTM all metal fixed line head was developed to offer easy and convenient loading of line, reduce down time due to line breakage, and prevent line welding. This eliminates the problems and costs, often associated with bump feed and flail heads.

2000 - Ribbed Trimmer Line. The Next Generation in shaped, high performance, full mass trimmer line for commercial applications.

2000 - Method of Packaging Coiled Trimmer Line. The problem of plastic blisters prematurely separating from the cardboard back was solved. We developed a more secure, easy to use, cosmetically improved all plastic, dispensing package.

2001 - Auto Loading Fixed Line Head. The Desert HawkTM all metal head is the most convenient high performance head ever developed. The replaceable glide plate dramatically reduces head wear, and provides for quick, easy loading of up to 0.170" diameter trimmer line.

2002 - Desert VortexTM Line. The most innovative and best overall full mass trimmer line ever offered. Inspired by stealth technology, significant reductions in noise and energy are achieved.

Desert Extrusion’s proprietary copolymer formulation is incorporated to extend the cutting wear life.

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