Our Quality

The Force in the Desert has developed Proprietary Copolymers!

Our Quality

Nylon was introduced in 1938. Forty years later, major resin chemical companies were not interested in developing special products for the very small and evolving trimmer line market. Desert Extrusion saw the opportunity and collaborated with a small privately owned custom resin producer to address this need.

Our resin formulations were then extruded into commercial trimmer line products that had to perform in a variety of climates the world over. Formulations of many promising copolymers were tested extensively before only the best were selected. Desert Extrusion's commercial proprietary formulations have set the industry standard on six different continents.

Our unique brands including “Vortex” "Trailblazer", "Diamond Edge", "Viper" and "Scorpion" are the only branded trimmer line products manufactured with specifically-designed proprietary copolymers.

Desert Extrusion prides itself on products that meet the following criteria:

  • excellent tensile strength
  • excellent flex life
  • high impact strength
  • outstanding wear resistance
  • optimum performance in hot, cold, dry or wet conditions
  • high softening temperature

Choose Desert Extrusion quality line and get proven technology with tested proprietary materials. Try our superior products. Your commercial customers will know the difference!

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